What Questions Should You Ask When Hiring A Pressure Washing Company In Palm Beach County To Clean Your Concrete Tile Roof?

1. Pressure Washing Company Experience:

What is your experience with cleaning concrete tile roofs? It’s important to hire a company that has experience cleaning concrete tile roofs because they will be familiar with the specific techniques and methods that are effective for cleaning this type of roof. 

They will also be able to identify any potential issues or concerns that may arise during the cleaning process. 

At Anytime Power Washing Boca Raton, we do a soft wash chemical wash, which we believe is the best and most effective method. 

The soft wash cleans the roof the best while also protecting the stone from any damage or cracks.

2. Insurance:

Do you have insurance? It’s important to hire a company that has insurance in case of any accidents or damage to your roof or property. If the company does not have insurance, you can be held liable for any accidents or damage that occurs during the cleaning process. In addition, this will protect you from any fraudulent injury claims from the company that cleans your property. 

Anytime Power Washing is fully insured for up to $2 million. When getting your roof
cleaned in Boca Raton or Delray Beach, you can rest assured that we are experienced and provide full insurance coverage for any issues that may arise.

3. Cleaning Methods:

What methods do you use to clean concrete roofs? There are several methods to clean
concrete tile roofs such as pressure washing, chemical washing, and steam cleaning. It is
important to choose a company that uses a method that is safe and effective for your specific
roof. We always do a chemical wash, as we believe pressure washing is dangerous for the tiles
and will damage them. Also, never let a company use a surface cleaner on your roof, that is
also a threat to damage the tiles.

4. Staff:

How many techs will be on the job? When hiring a pressure washing company, you should be
sure that they have at least two techs on the job. When getting a chemical roof wash, some
chemicals can drip down to your landscaping and your plants and flowers should be protected by a cleaner on the ground rinsing your plants with fresh water before, during, and after the process. A one-man crew should be eliminated from any consideration.

5. Cost:

How much will it cost? Be sure to get an estimate on the project and be sure to ask if that is a
firm quote. If it is not a firm quote, ask what additional fees may occur and in what
circumstances. This will help you in budgeting the project and being prepared for any possible
additional costs. At Anytime Power Washing Boca Raton, we provide a firm quote that we
stand by unless there are unforeseen circumstances on site. In that case, if an adjustment

6. Time:

How long will the project take? Any home under 5000 sq feet should take less than 3 hours for
a two-man crew. That said, any size house should take a minimum of an hour. If the company
you are interviewing doesn’t fall into these parameters then buyer beware!

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