What Are The Benefits Of Sealing Your Pavers

Most homes in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Boynton Beach have Paver Stone driveways and walkways. Pavers are the perfect stone and with a variety of colors, they can really beautify a home. You of course want them to look their best, and annual pressure cleaning helps, but should you seal your pavers? Well, you don’t need to seal your pavers, although there are many benefits to sealing them. Anytime Power Washing Boca Raton are Sealing experts, and here are a few great reasons to seal them

Increased Curb Appeal

Regular pressure cleaning is the minimum a homeowner should do to keep their pavers looking good. Sealing your pavers takes it up a notch by making your pavers look brand new year-round. Sealants give your stone a glossy finish, which brings out the stone’s original color and highlights the texture of the stone. It is amazing when you see two driveways side by side with the same stone, but one is sealed and one is not. It’s night versus day.

Protects your stone from Natural Contaminants

If left unattended, due to Florida Humidity and heat, your paver stone will accumulate moss, mildew, and algae, which is both unsightly and bad for your stone. Additionally, driveways also gather rust stains and general grime, which make your driveway unsightly. All of this is difficult to clean and will need to be cleaned frequently in Boca Raton. The good news is that the sealer prevents these substances from sticking to and penetrating the surface of the stone. This will save you from frequent pressure cleanings and when you do clean them, fewer chemicals will need to be used.

Your pavers will inevitably get dirty, and when they do you will be able to clean them effectively in most cases with just your garden hose. When you need to get them to pressure cleaned, lower pressure and fewer chemicals will be needed as well.

Surviving our Boca Raton and Delray Beach Climates

A huge benefit yet unmentioned about sealants is that they typically have UV protection in the formula which helps prevent any color fading which is very important considering our weather in Sunny South Florida. Living in Boca Raton also means lots and lots of rain and humidity. Excess moisture can damage your pavers as it is a porous stone and excess moisture that penetrates can work to crack the stone. Sealing helps alleviate this problem.

Extends Their Longevity

Fact: sealing your pavers will save you money over the long term. By sealing our pavers and protecting your stone, you will greatly extend their lifespan. The sealer that Anytime Power Washing Boca Raton uses, makes your pavers more durable while keeping weeds from growing in between and increasing stone movement and potential problems.

Do you only need to seal one time?

The short answer is no. The softer the stone, the more often you will want to seal

Can I Seal My Pavers Myself?

Yes, you absolutely can! But before you do, it’s a good idea to do a little bit of research first to determine which type of sealer is best for your paver material. Travertine is an example of a soft stone in many Boca Raton Patios that you would want to seal at least every two years. A more durable stone such as limestone or concrete needs to be re-sealed every 4-6 years. These timelines move up if you use a thin, cheaper sealant. Anytime Power Washing Boca Raton uses only the highest quality sealant which increases the beauty and protection while also extending the frequency of re-sealing. It cost more but pays off for itself over the long term

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